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How Suresh has bought used car in bangalore 7 easy steps ( real example inside)

Used cars india

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Used Cars India

Thinking of buying a car but not sure if you should buy a new one or a used one? Look no further since we are giving you the secret to crack a deal on used cars India.

We know exactly what you are contemplating at the moment. “Buying a used car India is always a hassle. I should just spend a little extra and buy a new one instead”, “I want a car but don’t have the budget for a new one, maybe I should just play safe and buy a new bike for the time being”, “How will I know whether I’m buying the used cars India at the right price?” Agreed that buying a used car is a lot harder than buying a new one, but it comes with its own perks. Do you know that a new car depreciates by more than 10% as soon as it leaves the showroom and another 20% within the first year?

Below we list some advantages of buying used cars India :

  • Better car/model: You can buy a higher model within a limited budget
  • Less Depreciation: A new car depreciates at a much higher value than a used car
  • Less additional cost: Spending on accessories is limited since most used cars India come with pre-fitted accessories
  • Covered under warranty: A one-three-year-old car will generally be covered under warranty
  • Fewer insurance costs: The insurance premium on a used car is way lesser than a new one

A real life example

Last month, Bengaluru resident Mr. Suresh Reddy was looking to buy his first used car India. Having a modest Rs. 3-4 lakhs budget, his search for a used vehicle couldn’t move beyond the usual entry/mid-range cars from Maruti, Renault, Hyundai, and Tata. So, he decided to first check out the car from a dealer near his area.

As he recounts, “Sales executive introduced himself and started showing the different models available in his showroom. He came to know that I am a first-time buyer so he started showing cars whose title was not clear for e.g. cars with a mismatch of Engine no. Next, he showed me a car which had met with an accident. Had a horrible experience with the car dealers and did not feel comfortable dealing with them.

How Adaalo Classifieds Helped Me

I wanted a car at the best price on an urgent basis and did not know what to do. So I discussed it with my colleague who advised me to buy a used car from free online classified website using OBV pricing calculator. I was reluctant at first but when I saw the features and simplicity of the website I decided to give it a shot”.

The following are some of the important features that will assist you in buying a used Car in Adaalo classified site:
Refine the search by using filters like Brand Name, Kms. driven, Year of manufacture, Fuel type, Color, etc.

I had a horrible experience with the car dealers. Later I was able to meet my friend who advised me to buy a used car from an Adaalo online Classified website.

The following are some of the important features to buy a used CarsIndiaa in Adaalo classified site.

1.You can refine the search by using filters like Brand Name, KM driven, Year of manufacture, Fuel type, Color.

Here you look for any used Car followed with sub features like which Brand or Model, you have an option for selecting the different type of fuel, kilometers driven by the seller and you choose the color of the car.

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used cars india

2 Like or dislike the ad for better price discovery. This option helps you know whether the price quoted is correct or higher than expected.


used cars india

3. Directly message/ chat with the seller to discuss further details about the car you are interested in.

used cars india


4. View available cars in your location within your budget. Go through their description in detail to select a few.


used cars india


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5. No Registration & User-friendly. Option to log in from your social account Facebook/ LinkedIn/ G+



used cars india

6. Use Orange Book Value –OBV widget that helps you in discovering the right price for the car of your choice. By just making use of a few data points likes to model, km, year, etc.  It gives the fair market value of the vehicle.

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used cars india


Using all the awesome features mentioned above, I was able to narrow down on the car of my choice within a few minutes from the comfort of my home.

I got the fair market value of the Alto K10 that I was interested in using the OBV widget on Adaalo and contacted the seller who lived only a few blocks from my place. Negotiated and bought the car the very next day from him. Today, he is a good friend of mine. I would like to thank Adaalo for not just a stress-free first car buying experience but also for giving me a friend for life”.


Do Let Us Know If You Need Any Help Regarding Used Cars In India, We Will Be Really Happy To Help You.

Good Luck 🙂

Adaalo Team

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