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5 Popular Way To Make Money By Buying/Selling Used Cars Like a Pro

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“A Rolex watch or an expensive car are the things guys often use to show status, wealth, and basic desirability.”


There are various ways by which an individual can earn money online– such as selling products or offering services. However, many of these require big investments. But if you feel making money online is only a choice for people with high capital, then this is the way you can earn money by investing small amount of money in this business

Even if you don’t have enough money to create your own e-commerce site, you can still sell products online using a free classifieds website. Are you looking for legitimate ways to earn money online?  you know some people are earning 1 lakh per month by buying selling cars online. are you also want to learn this trick then read on!

 Do you want to know How can this be done?

 Free classifieds is the only answer to this question.

There is one simple say if you ask the people who are doing this business in buying selling used cars in India. That you have to buy cheap as you can & sell it for the high, you can go for this strategy every time.

If you want to have success in car buying & selling the business. Before we explain you its & bits of used car buying Technic one thumb rule you should always, when you in doubt just go with your instinct if you like the car just buy it & wait for the right buyer.

Also it’s like any other business where there is you have to take care of the timing when to purchase & when to sell the car especially in India, there is three month window from Dec to Feb, if you especially try in this period of buying selling cars you will get a great deal out of this time.

Cars buying & selling is a game where you have to invest a fixed amount of money, where you can shuffle this money while buying selling car business, for a start you can start as low as 5 lakh in India & expect a decent return of 30k to 50k or some people are earning more than 1lakh Rs per month from this business

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used cars


                                                                               Start with going online

  1. Post a Free Ad to Buy Used Cars  

Time is gone where you have to go greedy car dealers in the market & also read every weekly newspaper for ads to find the cars to buy.


Now going online or using online classifieds to buy cars is a new way of buying or selling cars. The first step to a  find a good online classifieds site & start finding a car under your budget, there is a lot of ways to filter the results as per your requirements. there is several ways to you understand the condition of the car you want to buy, but you have to go by your own instinct, You can also analyze by condition mention in the title & description.

You can directly talk or ask sellers why they want to sell their used cars, what is the conditions of the car etc. You should buy used cars only after confirming the price, current functioning condition and insurance status of the vehicle.

used cars

  2. Post a Free Ad to Sell Used Cars

So finally you got the deal which you wanted, then you can post a free ad on an ad posting site. You can choose an attractive title to reach potential customers & full description of the car condition, as the more condition you will put there is very high number of chance that you will get more replies of your ad. time your ad is posted, you will be contacted by potential customers, either through phone or email. You should discuss all relevant information with your potential customers – from pricing to legal documents of the vehicle on sale.


Used cars

  3. Calculate Profits

You need to understand one very important thing while buying selling used car in India, generally a car can loose its value from 30% -40% in first three years depending on the condition of the car. for example you boughtMaruti swift for the year 2016 Feb, car value can be depreciated up to 10% if you do not sell your car before Oct 2016.

 There is the adequate difference between your purchasing price and selling price.

Make sure there is no other cost to attach by selling the same car to other people.

See if you can sell before the insurance cover ends.

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  3. Points to Remember When Buying and Selling Used Cars Online

  • Must avoid buying a used vehicle without legal documents.

  • You should be able to recognize the condition of a used car.

  • You Should know how to analyze used cars engines &  body part for example doors & window glass year etc


If still you a doubt or don’t know how you can analyze car condition, you can hire a mechanic to check the condition of the car from in & out

Here is the video to understand how to evaluate used cars before buying it

You must provide detailed information about your used car on sale such as price, specifications, model number, and other legal information by this not only you will get quality leads but also other people to select your car fo buying, so don’t waste any more time & start searching best-used cars in adaalo classifieds. Good luck



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