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Top 10 Popular Bicycles Online You Can Buy Under 10k( Infographic Inside)

Bicycles Online

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bicyles online infographics
  • Top Bicycles online Under 10k

  • Atlas

  • Hercules / BSA

  • Jet

  • Royal

  • Street Racer

  • Terrain

  • Ranger Max

  • Rapid Team

  • Escape

  • Cyclone

  • Buzz

  • Hero X-Sport

  • Octane

Are you searching for the Popular Bicycles online Brands & Models in India Under 10k? 

What is the importance of using a bicycle over a bike or car is really interesting? Use of this machine without any kind of fuel is absolutely healthy for your budget and body. 

Cycling ensures perfect body exercising and reduces the risk of over weight.

It is the ever best cardio-exercise for you than any other gym workout.

Top Bicycles

There several kinds of Bicycles are available in online like Bicycle for kids, Bicycles for Ladies, Bicycles for Cycling, Bicycles for Men etc

Cycling is yet to be a sport or as an adventure-travel option in India, but the wheels of change are slowly turning. There is new breed of adventure-loving, serious and non-serious cyclists who are spelling out change with action on two-wheels. 

That is why Bicycle and Cycling became very popular in the modern world

The Early Time of the invention of the wheel man had been interested in what’s next?  So after many years, Man had made this Invention of Bicycle.This is a simple and Cheapest vehicle for transportation or For Journey Because it’s no need of any fuel. 

We can call it as WorkHorse also which is using by mail carriers, paramedics, police, messengers, and general delivery services in olden days.

Bicycles online in India

India is one of the countries which is having largest two-wheeler markets in the world. Every year the person who is very interested in Bicycles around the country.   

In order to meet the expectation of these young enthusiasts, most of the Bikes brands introducing the Bicycle with their brand name. At present below popular bicycles online brands available in the market:

  1. Atlas

  2. Hercules / BSA

  3. Jet

  4. Royal

  5. Street Racer

  6. Terrain

  7. Ranger Max

  8. Rapid Team

  9. Escape

  10. Cyclone

  11. Buzz

  12. Hero X-Sport

  13. Octane

Here is the full listing of all famous and well popular bicycle brands with the  models & prices in India

1 . Atlas

bicycles online

This is one of the one of the top most bicycle producing companies in the world. We can

This is one of the one of the top most bicycle producing companies in the world.

We can purchase this one from Bicycles Online classified sites and E-commerce websites. 

the capacity of produce 4 million bicycles per year.

Atlas hold thousands of satisfied customers in India and abroad. 

This company is also accredited with ISO-9001-2008 certification from British Standards Institution. 

It is Started in in the year 1951 and now one of the most trustable Company.

Atlas offers bikes, ladies bikes, junior bikes and kids bicycles, those prices starts from Rs. 2500 to Rs.9000 and Above.

This is the first company who introduced twin suspension double shocker bike in India.This is the First company to introduce bicycle with power brakes.

Top most Atlas Bicycles Price Online Under 10k:

 Bicycle Stealth-400 – Rs 9800

 Campus Single Speed Bicycle – Rs 3800

Columbus Single Speed Bicycle – Rs 3850 – 3950

Duroshox Bicycle Rs 4,250 – 4,450

Moonraker  Bicycle – Rs 3540

Frenzy Bicycle Rs 3550 – 3700

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Hero Bicycles:

India is the popular and top most country for producing of bicycles in the world. Most of these Products exporting to African Countries and other developed countries. The Rocking and Most Popular Brand HERO is the first place for the exporting of bicycles from India and they have approx 49 % of share in the market.

Hero Group

Hero cycles headquartered at Ludhiana, Punjab. Actually, they plan for its production is present at Ludhiana which is initially manufacturing the spare part and now the whole Bicycle.They make various bicycles and related products. Across the country, Hero gets stores and distribution centers. The product range of hero includes; City bikes, kids zone, roadsters, mountain bikes and Girls Zone and Famous for Giant Bicycles. Hero bicycles are well manageable price starts from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000. The hero is the best bicycles for Kids. The following list having bicycles for kids, bicycles for women’s with less price range.This price range is taken from bicycles online e-commerce sites.  Best Models in Hero with

Hero Ranger 26T 18 speed bicycle Price: Rs. 6400 to 7000

Hero Ranger 26T 6 speed cycle Price: Rs. 5900 to 6700

Hero X-Sport 18-speed cycle Price: Rs. 5800 to 6700

Hero X-Sport 21speed bike Price: Rs. 5600 to 6800

Hero Escape Single Speed 26T bicycle Price: Rs. 4400 to 6000

Hero Nitro Integra Single Speed 26T bicycle Price: Rs. 4600 to 5100

Hero Power Max Single Speed Bicycle Price: Rs. 4300 to 5200



Hercules / BSA Bicycles:

bicycles online


TI bicycles and Mr.Murugappa group are the distributors of this familiar Company and it is UK based Company.  They offer nation’s most popular range of cycle. With the introduction of RockShox, Hercules introduced shock absorbers for the first time in India in 1993. They also hold the record for first to launch Turbo Drive & Top Gear in India.Their geared mountain bike is very famous. Hercules currently having more than 80 model Cycles in India. Price starts from Rs. 4000. These models can be useful for male, female and unisex.  Major Hit Models in Hercules & Bicycles Price:  Hercules Roadeo A-100 Vx 21spd White Hercules Ryders Contour Hi End BicycleHercules Roadeo A 300 White Black BicycleBSA cycles were introduced in the UK and were launched in India in the year 1975. the following models of bicycles online in India are available ChampLadyBird, Photon Mach, Tandem, Diana Go Biking, Feldman

Also Some Top List are

Roadeo A-100 Vx 21spd White

Ryders Contour Hi End Bicycle

Roadeo A 300 White Black Bicycle

BSA cycles were introduced in the UK and were launched in India in the year 1975. the following models of bicycles in India are availableChampLadyBirdPhotonMachTandemDianaGo BikingFoldman

the following models of bicycles in India are available:


Lady Bird





Go Biking

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Firefox Bicycles in India:

bicycles online

Firefox cycles came to  India in the year f 2004. They have made many activities to promote cycling in India by conducting events like MTB events, BMX competitions, Road and Track Nationals & Firefox MTB challenge. This is the another Leading international brand of Bicycles, which is entered into the Indian market in the year of 2015 and it has manufactured a large number of international Bicycles models with great flexibility. The main models from Firefox are BMX, Bicycles for kids, bicycles for women and Gary Fisher.  In the year 2005, they imported 30 bike models in Indian market, this is also top selling bicycles online in india. 

Famous Bicycles models in Firefox:

Firefox Colorado Bicycle Price 7 Speed Full Suspension cycle price: Rs. 10,780

21 speed V- Brakes cycle price: Rs. 9,900

Firefox Warrior 26 Bicycle price: Rs. 9,800

At present they have below popular bicycles brands available in the market:





Bad   Attitude


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bicycles online

The Popular Strongest, fastest and lightest bicycles in India are producing by this manufacturing company. It was founded in India in the year 1949. These bicycles are very impressive by looks, successful in producing bicycles with International Standards like titanium, blues, techno and jazz etc. Montra Bicycle brand is the famous brand, which is curved for itself in the Indian market by manufacturing hardest and lightest bicycles. This brand is very familiar with cycling. this is one of top selling bicycles online in india.

Mongoose Bicycles:

bicycles online


The leading manufacturing of bicycles company was first initiated in the year 1974. The important theme of the company is to be providing excitement and thrill to the riders.

It offers three different models from category urban, BMX and MTB. The popular cycles are being fractioned, asphalt triple and rocks file comp 24-inch boys.Mongoose is a bicycle manufacturing company and its producing good quality on-off road bicycles and its major product offering includes like Tockadile comp, Asphalt Tripel, and the fraction.

The Mongoose bicycle is mainly built for speed, flexibility, and comfort. The thing which makes this bicycle stand out is its excellent aluminium alloy frame with precise handling.Mongoose might be a big name in the Stunt and BMX world, but they also have a popular line of common bicycles as well. Some well-known models like the Maurice (Singlespeed/Fixie) and the Crossway (Hardtail Hybrid) have a solid following.

Pros:  Good value for money

Steering and Handling is easy very comfortable

Cons :

Not all sizes are available in India   Difficult cable

Difficult cable routing   It looked like just another average

It looked like just another average aluminum frame in the market. At present they have below brands available in the market Tyax Sports, Tyax Comp, Tyax Expert, Scan R10 etc.

Schwinn Bicycles:

bicycles online

The Schwinn hybrid bicycle comes with a very lowest price. The main advantage of this bicycle offers an aluminum frame that is lightweight. The frame is also triple for increasing the strength Schwinn Bicycles (USA) have a good name as America’s leading bicycle brand for over so many years. They are known for making extremely good working and comfortable bicycles with lowest prices. 

We test rode the Schwinn, which is part of the company’s “Signature series”, to see if this change is evident enough.This is an international production house producing bicycle according to the need of the riders so that this company satisfies the customer’s requirements throughout their journey. 

They initiated models such as cruisers, hybrid, road, urban, bike path, mountain etc. They inculcated the latest technology in their production having technical skills for more than 100 years.

Pros:  Comfortable ride and handling

Good frame geometry and build

Speed lock Hydraulic suspension lockout

Cons: Narrow saddle, which could be uncomfortable for some riders

Poor finish and smoothing of the welds takes away from the good paint job

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Cannondale bicycle:

bicycles online

These are very well known branded bicycles for the light weight bicycles by the using of aluminum metals which are highly faster than the normal ones. Its model bicycles are extremely appreciated throughout the country for climbing the mountains. This company also produces trailer, rider, apparel, and gear. They have different products separately for roads, women’s, off road etc.They also produce trailer, rider, apparel, and gear. They have a collection of racers, engineers, riders, innovators and bike nuts.

This company also produces trailer, rider, apparel, and gear. They have different products separately for roads, women’s, off road etc.They also produce trailer, rider, apparel, and gear. They have a collection of racers, engineers, riders, innovators and bike nuts.

At present they have below brands available in the market:


Quick   CAAD8


Bianchi Cycles:

bicycles online

This Brand Bicycle was initiated in the year 1885 almost having more than 100 years of history. Bianchi Bicycles are one of the major leading brands in the international market as well as in Indian Market.

Currently, they have below brands available in the market:





La Sovereign Bicycles in India:

bicycles online

La Sovereign bicycle brand is one of the leading bicycle manufacturing companies in India and this is very famous for manufacturing High-tech bikes, mountain bikes, BMX cycles, off road and on road bicycles. 

As of now the below brands available in the market:

Spider Model Bicycle

Alfa Dare



Trek Bicycles:

bicycles online

Trek Bicycle is also the biggest and popular manufacturer of bicycles in the world. In India, the brand Firefox is the imported brand bicycles of the Trek Bicycles. Trek is a globally recognized bike and bicycle brand started operation in 1976. 

The company’s product manufacturing high-tech bicycles, mountain bikes, gear bicycles and much more and its headquartered Waterloo in the USA.

At present they have below brands available in the market & bicycles online:

Road Bike

Trek 4300




Avon cycles:

bicycles online

This Company is Started in the year 1951, Avon Bicycles limited is a part of Avon group. Avon sends its products through 2000 popular and authorized dealer and 12000 sub-distribution in the country. It’s bicycle plant manufacturing located in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Montra Trance PRO:

The Bicycle Montra Trance Pro 2015 is best matched to be any kind of rider’s first bike for leisure riding on urban roads.

 At this price point, the Trance PRO 2015 is ideal for any amateur rider looking to buy a budget hybrid bicycle. 

The Alloy frame on this bicycle provides at most comfort for city riding and the tires made to suit the riding conditions make sure your journey is stable and safe.A simple hybrid bicycle can change the overall cycling experience of a beginner cyclist. 


The Trance Pro, priced at Rs.16,000 is a great first bicycle to own and rides seamlessly on urban conditions. If you are looking for a bicycle for regular commutes or just short fitness rides then the Montra Trace Pro is a great choice to consider.

It is that easy to keep constantly upgrading the bicycle’s features every year since the capability is very low.

Hybrids are simple in geometry and functionality. We got an opportunity to review Montra’s flagship hybrid model, the Trance Pro and here is what we thought.The bicycle I test rode came in the new Cyan Green color which was a definite highlight with the top quality paint job. 

The black forks with the cyan green stripes make a good contrast to the rest of the bicycle. The Trance pro also comes in a Grey color variant.


Lengthier handlebar  stand-out

stand-out aesthetics

Fast rolling 700c wheels

Cons:  Lag in gear shifts   Uncomfortable brake levers

Uncomfortable brake levers

Hope You Like the top list of bicycles online which you can buy under 10k in india top e-commerce websites & some online classifieds websites like adaalo classifieds

Adaalo Team 

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