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Top 5 Used Cars In India Under 5 Lakh In 2019


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Used Cars

Are you hunting for used cars to commute to places with ease? Are you wondering and stuck up as to which car to choose from in the market?

Well, there are many used cars in India. Each with a different make and model very much in line. Those users who are looking for second-hand cars and are comfortable in buying a premium version with all premium features at a lower rate.

While there are cars from various brands all over India, here you will find the top five used cars in India based on user reviews and ratings that you should look at below 5 Lakh before you make your buying decision.


Used Cars

Top 5 Used Cars In India Under 5 Lakh In 2017

  1. Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 is one such car which is quite spacious, good in looks and is very much attractive in style. This car had an enormous result and sales in the market due to its higher end features packed at a very reasonable price. You can get it between 3 – 4.5 Lakhs in the market and this model is available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Top 5 Used Cars In India Under 5 Lakh In 2017

  2. Ford Figo

Ford Figo – This hatchback car is pretty much compact and easy to operate. With a manual transmission and 3795 mm in length, this car is the best buy under five lakhs if you are looking to commute between office and house every day, With a seating capacity of 5 with a power steering, this proves to be a reasonable buy under used cars category.

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Top 5 Used Cars In India Under 5 Lakh In 2017

  3. Maruti Swift VDI

Maruti Swift Drive VDI amt  – This Sedan provides a mileage of 26.59 km pl for the newer version and comes with 1248 CC engine with a manual transmission. With a five seating capacity and power steering, this sedan is supported by features like anti-theft alarm, central locking, driver airbag, tinted glass. With a price of 8 lakhs approximately for a newer version, this car is worth the value for money when you buy used cars under five lakhs.

skoda fabia

  4. Skoda Fabia motors

Skoda Fabia –  If you are looking for the best- used cars in Bangalore that too under 5 lakhs then do not forget to look at Skoda Fabia far better than Renault. This is such a hatchback with excellent features that you will not regret buying at all though it is a used version. With fabulous built -in style, good comfort level, enough space for this diesel car offer below 5 lakhs in India. driven car must be considered in your buying options for used cars in India.

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maruti ritz

  5. Maruti Ritz LDi

Maruti Ritz LDi – Though a 2010 model this hatchback style car will definitely meet your needs for the following points. The best alternate for an SUV compact and best for longer routes and within city roads, spacious cabins and comes with a very low maintenance needs. It comes with a power steering and a five- seater capacity with a five- speed gear box. If you are looking for cars below five lakhs with such great features, then this must be your ultimate choice for you and your family for that perfect ride!

As we also want to add some brand like Tata, Renault & Fiat etc, but we are working on more research before adding more options in this blog, as we are working on one blog for cars under 3 lakh to 5 lakh

With the above points, you can pick the car of your choice and enjoy your ride every day. Most of the above you can find all these used cars in where lots of used cars listed every day.

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  1. Nice Post! Sometime buying new car becomes difficult to somewhen. Reason behind it could be their low budget. Due to that someone can not afford new car. But is does not mean that they can’t buy top branded cars. At this point, Used cars play very important roles for those car lovers. And very nicely you defined in blog top “5 Car under 5 lakhs”. I think this information must help them a lot in buying used branded car at affordable price. Keep Posting.

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