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The laptop guide : Top 10 laptops under 20k in 2019

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Top 10 Laptops in India come in immense types and features at various price ranges. One has to choose the top 10 laptops that best suits his or her needs. Here you can find the top 10 laptops in India where Laptops are Under 20000/-

Which is quite affordable and would definitely fit your budget.

Top 10 Laptops

Laptops Under 20000

1 Asus X200MA KX424D (Price  16500/- )

This 11.6-inch mini laptop comes with fabulous performance.

This can be rated one of the best at this price range that’s Laptops Under 20000 in India.

It has a 2 GB DDR3 RAM and the battery comes up to 4 hours on full charge. It has no touch screen facility and comes with a free DOS OS (64 bit). This laptop has a memory of 500 GB which is very much sufficient for basic functionalities making it one of the best options for your budget laptop.

Laptops Under 20000

2 Micromax Canvas Laptab- LT666 (Price  10400/-)

This Intel 4th Generation atom Quad core processor ( 1.8 GHz) has a 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 10.1 in inches with a 32 GB storage capacity and can be used as a laptop and a tablet. It has a SIM slot without no voice call feature and has a touch screen. No, that’s not all. It has more to it like a micro SD card support with an expandable memory of 64 GB and 1 TB of cloud storage! Isn’t that amazing at this price range? This has a longer battery life say


Laptops Under 20000

3 Asus EEEbook X205TA Notebook (Price  15100/-)

Another slim and portable under top 10 laptops below Under Rs.15000 is Asus Eeebook. If you are a homemaker or a person who wants a laptop just for watching movies and to do some minimal work this is the laptop you can buy without any second thought. Even a used laptop is worth the buy.This is simply the best in looks, light weight and most important of all has an extraordinary battery life up to 10 hours. This can be your best travel buddy if you are a person who travels the most. Built with Windows 8.1 OS, it has a 32 GB storage capacity and is 11.6 – inches in size with an attractive display.


Laptops Under 20000

4 Acer Chromebook ( Price  18500/-)

Nest in the category of cheap top 10 laptops in India comes the Asus Chromebook with a very attractive display, Chrome OS, 64 bit and has a battery life of up to 8.5 hours. This chrome book is 11.6 in inches and comes with Intel HD Graphics. This Intel Dual core with 4th Generation processor can be very much handy for minimal functions with a RAM of 2GB.

Laptops Under 20000

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5 HP Chromebook 11 (Price  20,800)

Another bestselling cheap laptop yet worth the buy comes from the house of HP. This Chromebook comes with a processor Samsung Exynos 5 with a RAM of 2 GB. This 11.6-inch laptop has a Chrome OS with a 16 GB eMMC Hard disk, making it a good value for money that too below Rs.15000! Grab yours right away.


Laptops Under 20000



6 Solt IVW 2 in 1 laptops ( Price  19,800 /-)

They the best if you are hunting for budget laptops. With a pre-installed office package in it, if you are around the clock with your office files and excel works with your power point presentation work, then this must be your ultimate choice. With a 64 GB internal storage and a battery backup of up to 9 hours, this is the best laptop you can go for.

Laptops Under 20000


7 DataMini TWG 2 in 1 laptop  (Price  10,999/-)

This Laptop has absolutely no logs and comes with a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB hard disk. With a Windows OS, this laptop is an excellent choice at the lower range. The touch works perfectly and the 3G SIM slot provides with great connectivity. The camera could have been better, but not to expect at this range.

this 2 in 1 laptop comes with a good display screen.

Laptops Under 20000

8 iBall 14-inch with windows 10 OS ( Price  14500/-) 

The iBall is a 14-inch laptop that comes with Windows 10 OS and that itself is a compelling feature to buy this laptop. It has a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage capacity and is best suited for basic operations like office files, videos, browsing and research work as the battery comes to 8 long hours. This proves to be a good value for money under budget laptops.

Laptops Under 20000

9 Lenovo  With a Windows 10 home edition (Price  19,900-/)

Lenovo Office Laptops 360 and with 11.6 – inch LED display this laptop from Lenovo stands unique for it’s the best build quality.

This product has a battery life of 8 hours and the touch and feel are simply fabulous weighings just under 1 kg. Make the best buy option by choosing this mini laptop from Lenovo.

Laptops Under 20000

10 RDP Thinbook ( Price  11,499/-)

If you are looking for a thin laptop. this must be your choice. As this is great value in this price range.

Best suited for very basic needs and office operations.

Performs great with a very fast boot up feature. This slim and weightless laptop holds a battery of 8 hours and can be easily carried on the go.

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The above list of 10 Best Laptops Under 20000 Rs In India 2019.

This the best to list on the web right now if you are looking for cheap laptops.

All laptops are good for everyday use and work. If you have any question related to above laptops.

Do comment below.

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