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How to Sell used household appliances in India

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Although there exists many ways to Sell used household appliances, online classifieds provides the best platform

Sell used household appliances

Is your house filled with old goods? Trying to get rid of them to get more space? Or just trying to make some money with it? If the answer is yes to any of these, then why not try selling your old household appliances in classifieds.
Gone are the days when selling happens with the arrival of a brand new. Searching for a shop that takes your good at a decent price is a huge task. It’s heart-breaking for some who sell out their favourite television that’s barely a year old just to replace with a high-end LCD.

Sell used household appliances


Because the resale value given by local shop owners is so low, classifieds websites come into the picture. Like those who sell away new goods for cheaper rates than their original price, there are also people, lots of them, ready to buy. And the good news is you can rather sell them for decent prices if not at the original price you bought it for.
For the seller – good enough prices overly satisfy them. For the buyer – he just afforded the appliance which actually would cost more than his budget.

Broad Spectrum of Audience

In both selling and buying, you get a variety of options. Your buyer/seller’s need gets varied. You might be selling your computer to someone who is in an urgent need to fill his office space. Such a person not only buys your computer for a more-than-enough rate but also tries to buy it as soon as he can.
Likewise, you can reach anyone in need of the product across the length and breadth of the country making your advertisement reach a wider audience. Thereby you get more people looking for buying your appliance.

Making money

Not only for appliances that are in good working conditions. You can also make money by selling your appliance that’s very old and a little lagging when it comes to user experience. All you need to do is just mention, honestly, in your advertisement about the exact problem in your product. There are people who will still buy them for their need to buy a damaged good is totally different from how you actually see it. They might break down it into component parts, which might be in good condition and resell them to get higher profit.

Selling in Classified Ads

Everything you need to do is just pick the website of your choice. Register with your name and e-mail ID. Providing your contact number will add additional value to your ad as it will help grab more customers. Take a picture of the appliance you are about to sell. Type in exact details – description, your set price, year bought, damages if any, etc. Post your ad. It’s all free. Buyers start contacting you. Good thing is that your product might have greater value than you have thought if demand is high.

Sell used household appliances
Why wait long when help is at your fingertips? Selling online is a great way to throw off old stuff. It not only clears space but also gives you those extra bucks to buy new items at home.

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