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Top 10 Places to Buy Real Estate Bangalore in 2019

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It should be a place that make living easy for people.

Hi everyone. Are planning to buy real estate Bangalore?

Here are some of the hot spots that you should be looking for. These are the top 10 places that you should be looking to invest in. Most importantly you should look for important things like

  1. The quality of the property,
  2. Significance of the area,
  3. Land worth and
  4. Future price

You should also look for an environment friendly and ecological area.  It should give all the peace and contentment like home. So when you are looking for real estate, please make sure that it has these qualities. So that you invest better and gain very well.

Real Estate Bangalore

Banglore is by far the IT hub of India. If the IT is sure to grow then the real estate prices will grown too. And also there would be a lot of people looking for houses in banglore. It will drastically increase the land value. 

Indira Nagar:

This is by far the best place in Bangalore. The maximum capital price of this area is because of its locality. This stands out to be one of the best areas to invest. This area is surrounded by many famous areas. Many prominent schools, colleges, hospitals and other prominent shopping malls are also there. This area is a huge hit in the real estate market for the real estate developers. This is a hot place to invest. This is the most favoured place for investment and its monetary rise is 375% return on property development in 2017.

real estate bangalore


This is one of the fastest growing industrialized areas in Bangalore. This area is close to the Bangalore international airport. So, 685 acres of industrial land has been allotted by the government. Many prominent companies already acquired the land for their factories too. This also serves as one of the hottest areas for real estate development. It is one of the real estate trends in Bangalore. However, the monetary risk is also very high in this area with regarding to its development.

HSR Layout:

HSR layout is close to all the main and important places of Bangalore. This is the gateway to electronic city. It has connectivity to many important areas. It is the list of many real estate developers with the connectivity to many major projects. This has also many moves in projects that are currently working. Hence, this is also a major place for real estate development in Bangalore. The most prominent connectivity this place makes is to the Jaya Nagar and MG road. So this should be on hotlist for the many real estate development companies. This is one of the cheap real estates in Bangalore.

real estate bangalore

KR Puram:

KR Puram is a good investment on the east side of Bangalore as this area is yet to be developed fully with the major companies and close to two it hubs white field and Manyatha IT parks this location is a very good place for the real estate development with the widening of many other peripheral ring roads this is sure to make a major difference in the real estate development in this area.

real estate bangalore


Yelahanka is in the northern part of Bangalore with many defense establishments this is a place with a large area of developing land and is a trend for many real estate developer in Bangalore, with many ongoing projects this sure to be a hot place to invest and according to real estate agents in Bangalore this is a hot place to invest for the long term investment.

Sarjapur Road:

This is also one of the major real estate projects as the real estate developers are looking for the area which was undeveloped for a long period of time and the lack of availability of ready to move in offices this is one of the most important places for the real estate developers as the demand of it developers, where to invest in ready to move in offices, is addressed by this are and also it was trending on old real estate in Bangalore.

Electronic City:

E-city which was developed as hub for the electronic manufacturing industry was transformed into a residential space for the IT professionals as it is close to many IT companies and there are a lot of developing projects in the area, the government has also constructed areas which connect it to the main city hence making it one of the top choices for the investment and also for the real estate developers.

real estate bangalore


The Growth of this area began from the early 2000s and it has been unstoppable ever since as the growth is constant at the very good rate and a hot place for the real estate development project in Bangalore. With many prominent schools and offices in this area, this place is prominent among others for the IT and infrastructure pipelines and other investor-friendly projects.

real estate bangalore


This area in the northern Bangalore. It is a potential for the residential destination for real estate bangalore. As it has grown no of residential projects. There because it is close to both the international airport and the city. The real estate developers in Bangalore consider this a hot place for the real estate projects in Bangalore.

real estate bangalore


Devanhalli is closest to the airport. It has a very good market value for real estate bangalore. As this is close to the airport and also a great real estate project for the developing industrial and residential areas. The airport and the fast-growing residential population makes it one of the hottest areas for the real estate development projects. This is also an IT hub in the city which makes it even more interesting for the buyers.

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