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Top 3 Secrets Of Online Classified Advertisements In India

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Classifieds have always been traditionally a part of newspapers and periodicals. There are also many publications that carry only advertisements. The advertisements are grouped into various categories.


Classifieds including job vacancy, house on rent, car for sale, matrimony, etc. So, With the advent of online classifieds, there is a spurt in the number of websites. Where one can post or get access to many types of advertisements.


The main advantage of online classifieds is that the individual can just click the section he or she is interested in. Hence they get access to many advertisements in seconds. So, It makes the process easier, Instead of searching the paper for the relevant information.


 online classified advertisement Infographic
                                                                   Infographic For Online Classified Advertisement
  • Jobs

First of all, many people are posting Everyday hundreds of job advertisements in the various online classifieds. Therefore, Advertisements for various jobs seems like

  • Call centre jobs,
  • Walk in interviews,
  • Teaching jobs,
  • Medical and health sector jobs,
  • Sales jobs,
  • Fresher jobs and


Many other kinds of employments are regularly available in the online classifieds. In addition, There are many companies. And  So individuals who regularly post their requirements in these websites.


  • Real Estate 

  • People looking for houses or apartments for sale or rent. So, they find the online classifieds a very useful option.
  • Almost, most of all the Students or professionals looking for a PG accommodation in a city are increasingly using the online classifieds to look for a suitable deal.
  • Whereas, People are increasingly putting up advertisements for the sale of lands and plots in the online classifieds.    


  •  Education

    • Schools and colleges have started publishing their advertisements for teachers and other posts in the online classifieds.
    • Private tutors are also using the online classifieds to advertise their skills.
    • Parents, looking for private teachers for their wards. So, they Have also started using the online platform to post their requirement.


  • Automobiles

    • The advent of the online classifieds has made Buying or selling cars and scooters simpler.
    • The online classifieds provide a variety of options for the prospective buyer to select a suitable second-hand automobile.


  • Services

    • Online classifieds carry advertisements for especially relevant service oriented jobs such as
      • Caretakers,
      • Security guards,
      • Maids,
      • Cooks, etc.


    • Furthermore, the following people regularly use these classifieds to post their respective advertisements.
      • Catering services
      • Packers and movers
      • Housing services
      • Astrologists  


Online Classifieds


Online classifieds reach a large number of people all over the world. Newspaper classifieds are confined to a particular region or state. But these classifieds have a very large outreach. So, these classifieds have made the task of finding jobs much easier.


  • Accommodation,
  • Matrimony 


Finally, There are many websites that display advertisements according to the city which helps the user in searching the category. Probably in which he or she is interested in the very city or town where they may be staying.



As a result, Many criminal elements are misusing these classifieds in order to carry out their nefarious agenda. Due to the easy use of classifieds, Many prostitution rackets are carried out under the guise of job vacancies. Consequently, There is also a presence of online frauds promising jobs abroad and many similar things. Most noteworthy and finally, It is up to the user to keep caution and dutifully report. Yet any online frauds to the cyber cell of the police.


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