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5 Popular Ways To Modified Cars In India Like A Pro | Adaalo Blog


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Modified Cars

We love our cars. Cars are more than a means of transportation, they are an expression of our personal taste and of our personality.

These days buying a used car is the latest trend in India. Also, there is a huge market for modified cars.

A lot of people want to modify their cars.

Now we will guide on top points about how you can modify your vehicles in 5 easy steps.


Car modification is slowly gaining popularity amongst the Indian car enthusiasts resulting in some really good and bad examples of car modification. Customization or modified cars means some serious interior, exterior and improving performance enhancements and not the painting or sticker works.

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1.  Wheels / Rims:

Modified cars

One of the most striking ways to make a vast improvement on the look of a vehicle or modified cars is to upgrade the factory fitted wheels to larger, bolder, glossy aftermarket “rims.”.

There are plenty of rim choices like colors, styles, offset options which can lead to an amazing and extreme custom appearance for a common car.

While choosing aftermarket rims, check the detail fitment guide or manual, make sure that the wheel size, bolt design and offset are the proper fit for your car.

Check the online classifieds, where you can see plenty of rims for sale.

2. Exhaust:

cars exaust

It is one of the most important and favorite modification for a racer look of a car in modified cars.

It can easily be done with an axle back bolt on kit. Starting at a few hundred rupees,

By removing the single tail pipe muffler for a hefty and aggressive aftermarket exhaust system.

Exhaust systems available for all popular sports cars or it can be custom made.Look for an exhaust that appeals to you based on size, looks, and sound.

Normally it will louder than the company fitted muffler.

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3. Interiors/ Seats 

modified cars

Why go with the same boring colors and fabrics that manufacturers use to design a car interior. As Most cars come with blue, black and gray interiors and sometimes a light colored finish.

Many sports seats are on offer in the market.

But it is hard for rear seats to match as most aftermarket seats are universal.

By going to the local area market you may often get a new complete quality leather or sporty interior.

Using these new seats as a base you can get the widest variety of materials, styles, and colors than completely reupholstered and get a new stylish sporty look.

4. Stereo or Music System:

modified cars ss
Everybody love to cruise with the windows down and stereo cranked on a nice summer day?

But wanting of more volume, sound clarity, and bass at higher decibel levels.

I want the audience or people to feel the music they’re listening to Custom stereo doesn’t have to cost thousands of rupees to make a big improvement over the factory fitted system.

Installing better or more speakers will improve the sound as most entry level vehicles come with just four speakers To get more out of your stereo system with a good quality amplifier.

The crucial upgrade is subwoofers for deep rich bass.

The sky is the limit with custom stereo upgrades but for few thousands, you can start with a better head unit and speakers then expand from there.

5.Last but not least. Finally, you can get the best car modification or modified cars from the following group of companies like Dilip Chhabria (DC) JS Design, Big daddy Customs SKG Modifiers & Karol Bagh in New Delhi.

DC Design was founded in 1993. He had an aim of redesigning and modifying mass market cars.

He wanted to create automotive beauties, as well as offering good design and prototyping services to the OEM automotive sector.


They provide Car modification & Customization services as per customers request. A six-year-old company with a lot of experience in Automotive Industry.

They deal mainly with cosmetic changes that are a Graphics part.They help you to modify your vehicle & later provide you all the detail Information, Tips, and Advice.They provide accessories as well as.

Karol Bagh: One of the busiest neighborhoods of West-Central Delhi.

Delhi is full of Auto Enthusiasts especially there is a lot of markets where you can modified cars can be done easily.

Karol Bagh is famous for the Automotive section on modified cars, Where in you get New or second-hand Car & Bikes in a modified version. all you have to tell what are your expectation from the design & your budget to modify your car or bike.


So do you have any advice or suggestion about this blog? do write in the comment section too, we will love to help you our out.

Goodluck 🙂

Adaalo Team

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