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How you can earn by posting free classifieds ads

how you can earn by posting free classified In india

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Free classified websites help you earn money in many ways than one. It’s not that only when there are any products to sell you can earn money via classifieds websites. The uses and users can be different. Let’s see how these websites cater to different users to attain a single target – making money.


how you can earn by posting free classified



For technical geeks

Are you a software developer? Have you designed your own mobile application and struggling to sell it? Created your own e-book? Classified websites can be the right platform to exhibit your products and to reach valuable customers. There is thousands of mobile applications/software in the market but new applications are still flooding the internet every day. You might have the wonderful software but it’s of no use till it reaches the right customer who values it. Classified websites do that work for you.

You can allure users who love reading to read your blog posts and e-books by advertising in classifieds. Even though your earnings might not shoot up immediately, users tend to increase gradually adding popularity to your site.

Promoting business

Most businesses are turning online to show their credibility, attract customers and promote business. For those who cannot afford to maintain their own website and doesn’t have the resources to continually monitor it can seek the help of classifieds promote their business. Classifieds websites help to get traffic in both online and traditional offline businesses.  

Online business – Google searches won’t help much in placing your online store link on its first page. All you need to do is post an ad in classified website mentioning the details of your store. You can also add a link in the ad to direct users to your website thereby improving your business and earn.

Offline business – even if you have a roadside eatery and wish to make it popular with the masses make use of classified websites to tell the world that you are here! Throw up some fancy words in your ad to attract foodies come running to your eatery.

Posting free classifieds ads & earn

If you are a housewife or a student a short period of time that you spend online can help you fill up your pockets based on the time spent or a number of ads posted. You can make yourself a member by registering in reliable sites for website hosting services. When you place an ad on popular classified websites, you get to place a link in your ad that takes users to the hosting website. For every person who signs up in the hosting website, you get money depending upon the contract you have signed in. your earnings are based on the number of people who signs in with the hosting website through the ad you’ve posted and a number of days the ad stays on the classified website. Although posting ads this way cannot guarantee an assured sum, you will get paid depending on the traffic the website experiences.

Advertising in classified websites brings in huge traffic to your websites/e-trade increasing the number of potential buyers. Classified websites take good care of that void space called advertising which is not taken seriously by those who likes to promote their businesses.

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