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3 Real Ways To Earn Online By Posting Free Classified

3 Real Ways To Earn Online By Posting Free Classified

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We have seen a lot of ways of advertising. Advertising in print media, issuing brochures, pamphlets, etc. are ancient and to make advertising more effective in today’s fast-paced world is crucial to improving business.


Even in visual media, there are a lot of ways of advertising – TV channels, youtube, flash ads in web pages, etc. while all these forms of advertising consume a sizeable part of the investment, advertising via an online classified website is an option you should never miss out.

3 Real Ways To Earn Online By Posting Free Classified infographic - Adaalo

Why Posting Free Classified

It’s free –

Other forms of advertising need some payment. Online classified ad posting is completely free. While there are some classified website which charges some amount if you exceed ad limit set for a day, most of the websites offer the service for free.

Wide visibility –

You can channel your ads to a particular target audience and even track those who have visited your ad link. Your ad can reach a large group of people, inside and outside the country unless you set any limit for who can view your ads.

Fits anyone –

online classified ads can be designed according to your convenience. Students, freelancers, housewives, job seekers, agencies, business start-ups and a lot of other groups can use classified ads by writing the ads that suit their requirement.

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Wide variety –

there are a lot of categories available in classified websites. It lets you buy or sell anything that is placed under these categories. Every now and then, these categories get updated to include new items that one can think of.

 Designing your ad

Job seekers –

People who are in search of jobs can advertise their availability by posting ads. They can post their qualification details and the work environment they are looking for can be written in their ads.


Like people who are advertising for job openings, job seekers can also post their ads which will help employers find their workforce easily.

Traditional business –

Businessmen doing traditional business can improve their profit margin by advertising via classified ads. Not only that, traditional business gets a new definition among online community by posting ads increasing their potential customers.


Your ad should have all the details, the type of business you do, store details, products that you sell, etc. Including whether online shopping is available in your ad post will help customers to order online from your store.

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Category wise ads –

Once you know what you are about to advertise, you have to decide the category in which you are going to place ads. Pets, events planning, jobs – categories are never ending.


Sometimes when your ad doesn’t fall under any of the specified category mentioned on the website, you might feel confused where to place it. Think about your customers’ viewpoint and place your ad in a category where you can get lots of potential customers.

Place ads wisely wh Posting Free Classified–

You can place your ads in more than one classified website if you wish to. But while placing the same ad in a single website under category might end up in removing your ad on account of duplication.


In worst cases, you might get blocked from placing ads when the website senses that your ads are misleading. If you are placing more than one ad on the same website, be sure you make differences in your ads. You can rather use few or more classified websites for placing the same ad.


For those who haven’t started using classified websites, it’s never too late. Start using it to reap the benefits of the online classified website for free.

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Good luck 🙂


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