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Free Classifieds Ads – The Perfect Way To Scale Your Business In 2019

online classifieds ads

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Free Classifieds ads

Have you come across the following names for Free Classifieds ads in India like

  • OLX
  • Quikr
  • Click
  • Clickindia
  • Yellowpages
  • Just dial,
  • LinkedIn

Especially relevant OLX advertisements are seen regularly on television and billboards. However, has anyone ever wondered what all these sites actually are? We see the advertisements, know what they do, use them when we require their services and that is it. Well, all these and many more sites that are similar are Online Classifieds sites.

free classifieds ads


Although free classifieds ads have been around as long as newspapers, it was not until the 1990’s. When the online revolution began and the need for online classified sites became a necessity to increase sales.

Online classifieds sites are online sites that publish advertisements, free, in the classified section and subsections. These platforms connect users to available goods and services. The business owners do not offer the goods and services. They just facilitate a smooth transaction.

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There is a common lottery saying “To win it, you have to be in it”. The same applies to online classified advertisements too.

Online advertisements are everywhere, on Facebook, Google Adwords, and whenever you access an e-magazine. Every day, every hour and every minute, people access such sites. That is why it is important you have your goods and services advertised. So that any of the million people browsing through these sites come across your advertisement. And who knows, it may be converted to a sale.

HOW TO WRITE GREAT Free Classifieds Ads

Online advertisements should be written as a threesome:

  • The Heading

Having a catchy headline attracts everyone’s attention. It should be able to sell the advertisement, make users want to continue reading the rest of it. A heading asking a question, or an opinion, or arousing curiosity works best. Hence, It makes the user want to read the next part.

  • The Body

This part of the advertisement will set up the call to action. Make sure it gives enough reasons, advantages etc to the reader so that he wants to buy your product/service. Give the reader the reason to click. And therefore, Answer the anticipated questions.

  • The Call to Action

Consequently, The hard work has been done by the above two sections. The fish has taken the bait – now you just need to reel it in. Using the right terminology is important here because based on what you have written. The user will make that decision to click.

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  • The online world is at everyone’s fingertips today. Hence, online advertisements can be seen by anyone, anytime, on the go.
  • Online advertisements are exposed globally, hence increasing your sales rate.
  • Posting online advertisements is practical; there are sites that post advertisements free or for a charge.
  • Classified advertisements are recorded via web indexes and will appear in the list items.


As a result, Now that you know all about online classifieds, get your services listed today. Do not forget to test your advertisement. Finally, A well-tested advertisement will cost you little but bring in more returns in the long run.  is one of the Top Free Classified Sites in India.

free classifieds ads


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