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4 Super Amazing Tips In 2019 For Ad Posting In Free Classifieds.

4 Super Amazing Tips In 2017 For Ad Posting In Free Classifieds

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Online Free Classifieds Ad Posting Tips for Business Advertising In 2017

There are various ways to advertise your business & earn both online and offline. Classified ads being one of them have lots of advantages when it comes to advertising online & earning online with your old used goods.

Choosing free classified website to suit your business to earn online

When there are thousands of websites to post your ad, it’s natural to get confused which one to choose. It’s wise to go with a website that specialises in a particular field related to your product or service.


For example, if you are into automobile business, choose a website which had already established a name specialising in automobile category over other websites. Usually, people tend to search in classified websites depending on the variety it offers to users in a particular category.


Don’t just stick with only one website to earn online. Choose few websites specialising in services related to your business and post your ads in all short-listed websites.

For any product to sell, Online Classifieds is the best way to sell. Online classifieds helps in selling out things you don’t need anymore. For example, Even you can sell your used furniture on an Online Classifieds for a better price.

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Updating ads regularly for more replies 

It’s very important that you go through the policies of the websites first before posting your ads. In most websites, there are no limits on the number of ads you post. But in some websites, above a certain set target, say 3 ads a day, they tend to charge for every ad you post above the limit which will add to your advertising costs.


The longer your ad stays on the website the more traffic it receives. Set a time period for yourself and constantly keep updating your ad. It helps in placing your ad on top of the search list. There may be thousands of ads but very few will take the time to move on to consecutive pages lying further ahead.

Online and offline business

Classified website ad can be modified with the way you like your customers to do business with you. Whether you want them to visit your shop in person or just transacting online is enough for you, anything can be done by advertising it right.


Sometimes, it will be a back breaking job to post ads for each and every product you sell. You can just post an ad saying about your official website and divert the traffic to visit your website from where it will be easier for users to shop online.


Even if you are not having your own official website, no problem! All you need to do is place an ad saying about your shop and the offers to make them visit in person.

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Providing clear, precise information

The first few words that appear in your ad posting make all the difference. Let your wordings allure the user to open and read your ad completely first. Provide all the information regarding the product or the service you offer.


Model, price, year manufactured anything that you feel is important for the buyer to know while browsing itself. Provide your contact information clearly. Also mentioning the number of working days it will take the product to reach customer site will help them plan accordingly for their convenience.


It might take some time in the beginning to attract users. As time goes on, and you follow all the above-mentioned tips in advertising, classified websites prove to be a great, cheap tool to advertise your business reaching a wide lot of people. With a prolonged presence online, the trust and credibility factor also increases among the users.

online advertising was conducted via E-mail.Online advertising includes E-mail marketing, search engine marketing-SEM, Social Media Marketing-SMM and also many types of
display advertising.

Online advertising uses the Web and E-mail to move direct sales via electronic commerce in addition to direct sales from the website.


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