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7 Surprising Tricks For Advertising Your New Business On Free Classified Websites

6 Surprising Tricks For Advertising Your New Business On Free Classified Websites

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There are a lot of options to advertise your new business. Advertisement boards, giving ads in newspapers & magazines, visual media, etc. has been helping people in advertising for decades.


Posting ads in classifieds are one such way which has a lot of benefits while you are thinking of advertising something in free classified websites.

No cost of advertisement

There are companies that spend millions just for advertisement. It’s not because they are crazy but advertising your business is so important not just to let the world know you are here in the market but to emphasise your brand and snatch valuable customers too.


When it comes to new business/start-ups it’s wise to display your ads in classifieds as it remains one of the cheapest ways with no costs involved.

Free Classified websites

Choosing the right website

While there are a lot of websites involved in classifieds advertisements, some websites have a stronger hold on particular categories which others lack.


Do some background research to find out which website will suit best for your purpose that has a strong hold on that specific category you are about to advertise and post the ad.


For example, if you are into real estate business choose a website that’s popular for advertising the same. Rather than sticking with only one website that best matches, choose a few and advertise in all of them to reach the wider crowd in india.


Choose right people to work for you

While posting the ad, as a seller you need to give a detailed description of the qualities and skills you are looking for your staff.


Your description should be explicit enough and should have the exact keywords. When you are describing it in your own way, be honest in explaining what you are exactly looking for.


This helps in bringing your ad on top of the search list. Also, it filters out people so that only those who are really qualified will contact you.


Constant follow-up

Once you have posted the ad, interested persons will start contacting you. Out of those who contacts back, you can choose the best ones that fit the position. Constantly following up and reverting back helps to keep in contact with all of them and not losing any valuable ones.


Providing information

You can provide your contact numbers along with just e-mail IDs. Providing your office address and official website creates a sense of credibility. It gives the contacting person enough trust that your business actually exists and they tend to choose to work for you rather choosing others.


You can also set a toll-free number for people to call if you sense there is a larger crowd interested in your company.


Mention all the information in your free classified that you feel is necessary for people to know before contacting you. Depending upon your requirement whether its people, product, service or asking people to contact back, you can post ads according to your need.


Free Classified websites


Why Free Classified Websites

When it’s cheaper and better you can very well go for classifieds as a medium for advertising your new business. It brings in new employees, services, even investors to help grow your business covering the most important aspect of marketing – advertisement, that too for free!


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Goodluck 🙂

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