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3 Simple Ways You Can Secure Your Data In Free Classified Ads In 2019

Free Classified Ads In 2017

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Free Classified Ads

Free Classified Ads being used to advertise products, people tend to share their contact information. More often than not, people stumble upon scammers who always keep looking for a chance to steal money, however, possible. People who have posted ads with their information fall prey to such scammers easily as they will be awaiting calls from potential customers. They mistake calls from scammers for customers and before even they realize their true color contact information would have already been shared.

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Scammers on the prowl

Increased level of internet usage has put users into more danger when safety measures are not taken seriously. Scammers and fraudsters are always looking out for new ways to target people. Internet’s reach is so widespread that scammers are learning a lot to update their skill to easily steal people.

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What’s under risk?

Free Classifieds websites and Free Classified Ads and Classified websites, mostly tell users to be careful with the information shared in their ads. For the convenience of customers, you tend to share your mobile number, Facebook link, and house address or office address. When the mobile number is shared, you can be contacted by calls, SMSs or by any messenger services you use. With your Facebook link, they can get all personal information about you including your date of birth, friends’ list, etc. Sharing house address is even worse as it may lead to someone watching you without your notice. And without any knowledge, you will fall prey to any kind of theft at home.


Safety measures to be followed

  • Sharing your mobile number is unavoidable. When you get any anonymous messages or URLs sent to your phone, never open them. It’s better to delete it without even opening when you sense any threat or viral stuff.
  • Do not share your house address in the ad.
  • If you get any calls posing as bank officials never share your bank details or passwords.
  • Let all the transaction, buying or selling happen in a public place. Never ask anyone to visit your home for your convenience.
  • When you are buying, check for any damages in the product in person. Check the original bills, date of purchase and other details of the product. Only when you are convinced proceed with buying. If you sense any deviation from what is mentioned in the ad never buy the product. You might get tricked into buying stolen or damaged goods.
  • When you are selling never agree for late payment as the buyer may not pay you at all. You will be left waiting after handing over the goods to the seller.
  • Accept only immediate cash for any transaction.
  • Demand the seller to meet only at public places like restaurants, parks or other areas in broad daylight.
  • Never agree to visit buyer/seller in a place they ask you to come

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As a result, Every advancement or innovation comes with certain unavoidable disadvantages. While you get lots of benefit from free classifieds websites, some basic safety measures have to be followed to avoid getting trapped into scams. Before letting out your information to anyone, think twice how the other person will get benefited from it and what could they do with it. Finally, When you are always thinking of the events happening around you and follow the safety measures strictly, you can enjoy fruits classified websites has to offer. is one of the Top Free Classified Sites in India include Total Number of Post, Total Number of Visitors.



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