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Real Example To Earn Money with Used Laptops & Computers In 2019

Used laptops

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Used Laptops

Suresh verma did manage to hit the sweet spot when he said: “Making money is art and working are art and good business is the best art.”

Money is important and if there are ways to earn money by being smart and fast, then it is just good business. Here are some of the time-tested and sure shot ways to increase your bank account with used laptops and computers.

used laptop

Rent it out

You may have done with your old computer and the laptop but it doesn’t mean that it has lost all its potential. There are several others out there who might just be looking for a used laptop or a computer for a project, presentation etc. Give it to them, charge a fee and repeat the exercise all over again.

used laptops

Rehash it

There are several ways to get money. Use the monitor of your computer as a TV screen by putting in a TV tuner card and save that money you were going to spend for an extra TV screen. Used Laptops also be used as an emergency Wi-Fi hotspot also as a spare media controlling center. Put your mind do it and you will do wonders. How did you earn money you ask? Money saved is money earned my friend and once you learn to repeat, your savings go only upwards.

recyle it

Give it out to recycle

You can post used computer ad online and there will be many companies willing to take your used devices and recycle them. And of course, they will pay you for that. Recycling is a noble cause and helps to reduce carbon footprint. There is nothing better if you can manage to make some money for contributing to the wellness of nature.

computer parts

Sell it out for parts

If you are sure that there can be no way to get anything done with your used laptop and PC as a whole. Think about the value each part of the computer can earn separately. If the HDD works or the monitor is doing fine some other part that is in a working condition.

you can easily sell computers in parts. It will definitely give you some good profit quickly


Post an Free Ad

If you are not ready to go through all that hassle just give an Ad Titled – Used Computers Ads, Used Laptops or Sell Computers in by posting a picture of your used computer. It will let people know what the condition of the machine is. Also, mention a price to sell computers. Find a customer in minutes and get paid & Things can be as simple, just with a few clicks.

Good Luck 🙂

Adaalo Team

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