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Classified Advertisement – How You Can Post Your Classified Advertisement

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When you flip your Sunday newspaper, you will come across an entire page consisting of classified advertisements. Different kinds of ads ranging from real estates, medicines, job vacancies, pest control, brides and grooms, etc. will be displayed in this section. There were times when parents used to search intensively to get brides or grooms using newspaper classified ads as their prime target. Well, times have changed.

Why Classified Advertisement?

When businesses turned online, the big chunk of bride/groom searching business is taken away to spawn a separate section called ‘matrimony’. Almost all other advertisements can now be found in websites. Wherein you can buy or sell any product or service, be it new or used. There are few tips and tricks to be followed while you are posting ads on these websites. Let’s see how it works for different categories.

Classified Advertisement

Basics of posting an ad

  1. First and foremost you need an internet connection.
  2. Start with choosing a website for posting your ad.
  3. Register with your name and contact details and other basic details the website asks for.
  4. Take a snap of the product you are about to sell.
  5. Give an exact description of the product
  6. A number of years used,
  7. Colour,
  8. Price your product
  9. A condition of the product, etc.
  10. Click post the ad.
  11. Adding pictures will add value to your ads.


Let your pricing be exact and not a range for the customer will only stick on to the lowest that’s mentioned.  Furthermore, Most people search for ads that display pictures. So if you want to get a maximum number to people to contact you it’s best to attach pictures.

Planning events

Small events arranged by shopping malls will seek help by posting their ads. Introductory shows conducted by companies also flows the same strategy to advertise. It’s important to mention the date and time the event is conducted. Also, the exact kind of event you are planning should be mentioned as it will be helpful for those who contact you. Be it the job of a VJ, dance troop, magic shows or anything, mention it explicitly the way you expect them to be. It’s also good to mention the amount you are ready to give to each individual when a group of people are engaged.

Electronic goods involving installations

Suppose if you are posting an ad for speakers that can be attached to TV, just mention the supporting accessories. Supporting accessories should be used along with it while installing without which the main product (speakers) becomes useless. Hence, You might think that buyers might lose interest to buy your speaker if you mention it. But actually, they might come forward as long as your information is useful and complete.

Jobs and services

As opposed to white-collar job advertisements that require you to mention the skills & qualifications required and the demands of the job. When it comes to searching house maids, mention clearly each and every minuscule job that you want them to perform. This applies to pest control or other services that come under home cleaning too to avoid ending up in quarrel later.

Classified Advertisement


Finally, in addition, Posting an ad in classifieds, with its high exposure will bring in a maximum number of buyers than advertising in any other media. It deals with all combinations of business and customer linking directly to each other in no cost.

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