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Tips to buy TV online at best price

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Planning to buy a new TV replacing your old one? No time to visit showrooms? Well, it has become easy to buy TV online. All you need to know is some specifications of the TV that will fit your living space perfectly and of course, keeping the amount handy.

Comparing prices among websites

Each website has its own discounts and clearance sale offers. You might be ready to afford a high-end, best in class, next generation TV. But comparing the prices among different websites lets you choose your best pick in the lowest rate available in online market. Festive seasons are the best time to buy TV at competitive prices.

Returns and repairs

While many online stores are keen on selling their products, only very few make way for a return of damaged goods. Since lump-sum money is involved, it’s safer to make sure if the website is ready to take back the product in case there’s any discrepancy in the product ordered or if it’s damaged. Not only at the time of delivery, should the website also be ready to accept returns over a period of time when you can actually sense any damage in the product while using it.

Brands – Guarantee and warranty

Spare parts of branded TV sets cost much but at the same time its guarantee period extends to a fair amount of time, say five years or so. Lesser known TV brands price their spare parts lower but it compromises on guarantee/warranty period. It’s wise to choose what you prefer on the basis of usage.

Specifications to buy tv online

buy tv online

Choosing size – it’s advisable to have about five feet distance from where you fit the TV and your couch.

LED TVs – each pixel in the panel should be made of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to be called a full LED TV. LEDs are expensive for domestic use. Most of the LEDs they advertise are actually LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels using LED backlighting.

LCD TVs – While viewing fast moving scenes LCDs can have relatively bad picture quality. That’s the reason most LCD TVs displayed in showrooms will only show still pictures. Black is not completely black when viewed in an LCD TV due to the backlighting it gets from LEDs that thins down the actual colour. LCDs don’t affect the eyes much when it’s viewed in a well-lit room.

Plasma – Every pixel in a Plasma TV is self-illuminated and thus it can provide accurate colour reproduction and best image quality. While refresh rates of plasma TVs are better than LCDs, they are comparatively bulkier than

LED – They and consume more power. Yet, they go easy on the eyes while viewing.

OLED – positives first. Organic LEDs (OLED) provide the better viewing angle, colour and refresh rates than other TV types. It’s slimmer than Plasma TVs. The only drawback is its price being too high.

HD ready/Full HD TVs – HD ready TV sets are only 75% high definition which means they pack-in only 1280×720 pixels (720p) while full HDs come with 1920×1080 pixels (1080p). If you are opting for 40” plus TV it’s sensible to go for a full HD.

With the above points in mind, buying TV online reduces your time and effort without compromising on quality and rate.

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