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Tips to Buy Top Motor Cycles in India at Best Price

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Evolution of Wheels

Ever since man evolved, transportation was an important aspect of his living. Exploration was his hobby. And, he invented several mechanisms to achieve the same. The first wheel was probably his greatest happiness. Then things got more interesting. He found better ways to develop this skill of his. Over the years several great people got several great ideas. That changed the lives of the future generations. In this present era, 2 to many wheeled vehicles are all around us.

The number of wheels is purpose oriented. 2 wheels is the standard. But as the load increases the number of wheels also increases. Many wheeled vehicles are used for heavy duty jobs. With the advancement of technology, the size and texture of wheels have changed. This is to satisfy the customers as the land. And, the climate varies from places to places. The mileage of a vehicle is an important factor that determines the quality of a vehicle. The more it drives with less trouble the more it is preferred by the customer.

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Need of Two Wheelers

Two-wheeler is the easiest medium of the travelling vehicle. Cycles were one of the basic 2 wheelers but when larger distances were to be covered within less time. There came the advancement of technology and that led to the invention of motorcycles which can cover larger distances within a lesser time period. Different styles and models have been developed to conquer the hearts of the youngsters. Probably, both boys and girls have found craze in this two-wheeler.

Why Motor Cycles are Better Than Other vehicles

Advertisements are playing good roles in winning hearts of many. Motorcycles are other versions of bikes. It is considered as a luxury in the developed world and mostly used for recreation or as a symbol of personal identity. Motorcycles are also used for sports and therefore the design of a motorcycle is carefully engineered so as to meet the demands of the changing needs of the developed world. In earlier days a household that had a motorcycle was considered of rich status. Landlords and other village leaders owned motorcycles which were used for immediate causes, needs of the villagers and for other transportation causes.

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Our Suggestion

The recent norms in the traffic and road rules strictly insist the safe drive of vehicles. Therefore, the engineering of motorcycles matters a lot as the customer should be able to master the vehicle in order to avoid accidents.


As a Result, the best motorcycles that are mostly purchased in India are

  1. Suzuki gixer,
  2. Honda CB Hornet,
  3. Yamaha,
  4. bajaj pulsar,
  5. TVS Apache,
  6. Hero Xtreme.

Consequently, there are few factors which decide the motorcycle. Most noteworthy, the customer would purchase of which mileage is really important but the weight of it and its cost matters most of the time. Almost, young boys can use heavy motorcycles but that’s not the case for girls and other elderly people. In conclusion, ladies and elderly people prefer light weighted motorcycles with a comfortable seat and better mileage. Finally, the cost of the motorcycle matters because the customer will purchase a bike which he or she can afford.

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