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5 Easy Ways to Check True Value For Your used Car in 2019

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Planning to buy a second-hand car from a dealer or from your friend?

Buying a used car in India is unique and is unlike developed markets, where you have lemon laws, evolved vehicle history reports, used vehicle pricing tools, etc. In India transfer of registration, taxation, etc., add further to the complexity of buying a used car. In India, every state has its own tax structure, inter-state registration transfer is a very costly affair making it unfeasible to buy a used car inter-state.

However, more and more buyers are looking to buy a used car as it makes great economic sense and saves a tonne of cash.

Luckily for me, I had Check OBV Price feature from  to help me navigate through the process with ease at each of the seemingly complicated steps. Best perk of working here yet, I kid you not.
Here’s a quick read to help you out if you’re looking to buy a used car too.
It’s easy to get screwed with a used car, but fear no more, Adaalo India is here to help you, my dear readers. If you keep following steps then you will not be facing a problem at all buying your new old car. Enjoy the ride!

Before we go into detail, here’s an overview of the steps you’ll need to take to buy a used car:
Set your budget: You first Decide how much you can spend on a car and how you’re going to pay for it.
Choose the right car: Pick the right model based on your needs as well as your family needs.
Check reliability and ownership costs: Choose a car that’s less likely to break down — and won’t break the bank.
Locate good used cars: Search online classifieds like or do it the old-fashioned way, by walking the car lot.
Price the cars: Use pricing guides or OBV Price check feature in and find out what experts say the car you’ve chosen is worth.
Check the vehicle history report: Use the car’s vehicle identification number to see its history.
Contact the seller: Save time by calling the seller and asking questions before you take a look.
Go for a test drive: Let’s decide if this is the right car for you and if it’s in good shape with great condition and mileage.
Negotiate the best reasonable price: Use the information which you’ve gathered in your car search from CHECK OBV PRICE to agree to a fair price.
Close the deal: Whether you’re on the car lot or buying from a neighbour, you have to handle the payment and paperwork correctly.

Used car or not – first car is a pretty big deal. I went to great lengths to pick out the one I really liked. The real work began after I decided on the car, for what followed was an endless trail of paperwork, registrations, insurance woes and transfers.
Oh, the struggle was real. So finally I got a great help from Adaalo India, Which is the best classified site in India and It is having the Great Feature ” CHECK OBV PRICE “,
Which is a momentum indicator that uses volume flow to predict changes in stock price and
This will tell you exactly how much money you have to work with. It also simplifies your strategy in the negotiating phase.
Let me share my personal Experience of Buying Second Hand Car by using CHECK OBV PRICE feature from

5 Easy Steps that will Make Buying a Second-Hand Car by Using CHECK OBV Price in Adaalo:

Step-1: Know your needs:
Take a piece of paper and write down why you want to buy this car and get a consistency of your family. This simple and easiest checklist should help you crystallise your needs.

Finally, Open site and Check the dialogue box on left side corner of the web page.

Step 2: Locate the Used Cars in Adaalo India:

Once Check OBV Price dialogue box appears, then click on “Buy” radio button and select Individual. So that we can able to see the models, kilometres, making year etc in the OBV price box.
Step 3: Select the Right Car:

Click and Choose the Car Option and Select the Making year, Model, Brand, Kilometres Count and Trim of the Particular Car. So that we can easily get the details of the specific Car as well as Estimation Price
of the Used Car.
Step 4: Get the Perfect Estimation Value:

After entering all the above details then click on CHECK OBV Price option. So that we can get the perfect estimation price of that particular car with the status of the condition report.
Step 5: Close the Deal:
Since there are no standard prices of used cars in the market, the prices are always marked-up and are negotiable. A good beginning for your negotiation should be dealer’s asking price for the car.

Dealers tend to markup the price by 15-20% for negotiation. Individuals typically tend to follow dealer prices and their asking price will be in similar range.

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